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From "daniel ccss" <>
Subject Re: Tomahawk+DataScroller+WorkingWithLargeTables
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 00:13:35 GMT
Strange, I think I lose some mails... Paul can you answer this last email
that I send, not sure if you already answered it, but something strange
happen, thanks, sorry :-(

Thanks for your answers, yes actually when I implemented your filter the
call to the DB reduce to 2 :), and then Vladimir says that with the
backing_bean in session all works fine, and yes, all works fine :), the only
problem is that when I implemented the add, delete, and the edit actions the
data in the data scroller is not update until I click on any page link of
the table (1,2,3). I think that this happen because of the filter (if) that
you did (great) so what I need now is a way to do the fetch no matter what
after and add/delete/edit action is made. So I was thinking in add another
condition to the if(.... || (doNomatherWhat) ...doFech). What I dont know is
where define this variable, and where to assign it the value to true after
the add/delete/edit method was called. Can you help me on this?

I think Vladimir write ideas about this I'm going to read then, and I will
wait for yours too thank you and thanks Vladimir!!!

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