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From Angel Miralles Arevalo <>
Subject Re: Instantiate a backing bean from other
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 14:15:15 GMT
It isn't necesary managed bean in session scope, for example:

AuthorizationMembersGroupBean menGroup = (AuthorizationMembersGroupBean) getApplication().createValueBinding("#{requestScope.authorizationMembersGroupBean}").getValue(facesContext);


What you need to know is than you obtain the managed bean, alter it and you have to update
it in facesContext...the second line...

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De: daniel ccss <>
Para: MyFaces Discussion <>
Enviado: jueves, 26 de julio, 2007 15:56:25
Asunto: Instantiate a backing bean from other

Is there a way to use a BackingBean from another BackingBean o another class, the scope of
the backing bean is session.
For example I need to call the get method of a variable of a BackingBean on another Backing
It is possible or I´m to crazy?

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