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From <>
Subject [TRINIDAD] panelAccordion sizing
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 07:57:00 GMT
Hi everyone,

we're having problems in getting the tr:panelAccordion to behave as we want
it to, which is this:

The panelAccordion should stretch (vertically) above the whole height of ist
parent container.
The expanded item should get all the inner place (we don't define
"discloseMany", so only
one or zero items can be opened).  

We fiddled with the inlineStyle-attribute as well as with skinning /
stylesheets. The results
are always like this (either we set  inlineStyle="height: 100%" or (in the
style sheet) use 
	af|panelAccordion::container {
		height: 100%;

The panelAccordion only stretches over the "minimum area" to render
its items (and, if any, the opened items content), but never over the whole
parent height.

Furthermore, we can't either get the opened item to use the vertical space
that we 
want it to use (which would be "the whole vertical space assigned to the
panelAccordion minus
the vertical space needed for the item headers"): 

If we don't define anything for this content height (via the style class
it's taking "just what it needs to show the current item's content" (and
nothing more). 

We can define a content height, but then the whole ensemble of items only
matches the
height of the panelAccordion if you get the numbers of pixels exactly right.
Example (we have an
absolute  accordionPanel height here, as the 100% approach doesn't work, see
(content height) = (accordion height) - (number of items) * (item header

As the number of items can vary, this approach doesn't seem to be that
promising :-(

Are we just missing some point or can't the panelAccordion be tweaked to
fulfill our needs?

Any input is welcome! Thanks in advance,

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