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From Angel Miralles Arevalo <>
Subject Re: Render attribute
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 09:36:55 GMT
And how can I set "rendered" attribute true at these phases (validation and apply request)?

I have a <h:inputHidden value="#{bean.booleanProperty}"> outside panelGrid. I think
it solve the second question (apply request phase). 

Thank you for your answer.

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De: David Delbecq <>
Para: MyFaces Discussion <>
Enviado: viernes, 6 de julio, 2007 11:17:30
Asunto: Re: Render attribute


upon submit, during validation phase (the phase that transmit from
component internal state to backing bean) the 'rendered' attribute of
panelGrid is evaluated. If at that time it's 'rendered' attribute is
false, none of it's child participate in the validation phase. The value
of rendered must be true at validation phase for it's submitted value to
be transmitted from inputtext to backingbean.
The same rule applies to the "apply request value" phase, where browser
submitted value are transfered from http request to component internal

En l'instant précis du 06/07/07 10:55, Angel Miralles Arevalo
s'exprimait en ces termes:
> Hi everybody, I have the following code:
> <h:panelGrid rendered="#{bean.booleanProperty}">
>     <h:inputText value="#{}"/>
> </h:panelGrid>
> I can't send "property" by request. Alway is null because of the
> panelGrid rendered attribute. Anybody can explain me why is this
> happening and how can I solve this?
> I'm using this scenario in order to show/hide a list's detail.
> Thank you very much. 
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