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From "Bruno Aranda" <>
Subject Re: Myfaces 1.2.0 setup issues (again)
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2007 12:27:47 GMT

A lot of testing was done after deciding that MyFaces 1.2 could be
released. A part from this, the TCK is passed both in tomcat and in
jetty. Tomahawk simple examples can be tested with tomahawk 1.2 right

- Checkout the tomahawk sources and go to the tomahawk/examples/simple folder
- Run the examples with "mvn -PjettyConfig -Djsf=12 jetty:run

Then, you will have jetty running the tomahawk simple examples with MyFaces 1.2.

Of course, not everything is covered by the tests and examples we have
and it is normal that some bugs appear in the first version when
tested with the different environments, and I don't just mean MyFaces
bugs, as it can be other bugs with jetty or tomcat that have never
been using a different JSF implementation than the RI.
We are working on fixing all the issues we see in MyFaces, and here
the help of the community is welcome to test everything in the
different setups and environments.
It is the community that make MyFaces such a powerful implementation
and not only this, having a powerful 1.1 implementation of JSF even
the JSF RI was forced to improve (and it really has improved). This is
where having two main players implementing the JSF Spec is beneficial
for everybody. We work hard in both sides to ensure compatibility
while we try to make the most performant and stable implementation.
Here, in MyFaces, we are of the opinion of releasing sooner rather
than later, and as often as we can. This is why we will release a new
MyFaces version as soon as we fix some of the bugs in the first 1.2
release, and so on. Here, everybody can help testing it in the
different environment and filling JIRA issues, and even giving
opinions and submitting patches! MyFaces is built for everybody by
everybody, or at least this is the idea. And all ideas and suggestions
are welcome.
We, the core developers of MyFaces, work on it because we love it :-)
Even when the poor user that tries to use our bits complains (oh! how
do we enjoy seeing users suffering when trying to use something we
have been weeks developing and spending many sleepless nights while
trying to find the equilibrium between job, family and our passion),
the complaints of the user are taken and given a shape, so the next
version out improves.

So, in conclusion (and someone should take the keyboard from me!)
thanks for trying this first version of MyFaces 1.2, finding the bugs
of MyFaces, tomcat and jetty, adding your experiences in the wiki and
filling JIRA issues.
On the compatibility side, tomahawk is going to be branched soon to be
adapted to JSF 1.2 while including a completely performance overhaul
(by using the trinidad state management capabilities). But, the
current tomahawk should work for any JSF 1.2 implementation, so, if
some component doesn't, that is considered a bug.


Bruno :-)

On 21/07/07, Martin Marinschek <> wrote:
> I am of the opinion that Bruno tested the full set of MyFaces examples
> before he said we're good for a release.
> So I'd also want to hear what Bruno has to say about this.
> regards,
> Martin
> On 7/20/07, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> > Wolf Benz schrieb:
> > >     I am currently trying to nail down the bugs
> > >     I am still not sure about everything,
> > >     but as it seems there is lots of weird stuff going on
> > >
> > >
> > > -- I'm glad you've found that out as well. Quite frustrating if you get
> > > the impression stuff only jamms on your PC.
> > >
> > >
> > >     in the various app servers (most of them unified el related so
> far...
> > >     jetty choked on me currently by tring to push a simple example)
> > >
> > >     All I can say is dont spend too much time yet to get this release
> > >     running better wait for a 2.0.1 release if things do not work out
> > >     quickly.
> > >
> > >
> > > -- Too bad. If simple apps don't work perhaps the release should have
> > > better been postponed a little, as releases cannot be pulled back. Does
> > > anyone has an informed idea on when this release would see the
> > > (public)light?
> > >
> > Wolf I cannot give dates since I am not an implementor, but some bugs I
> > found so far were not myfaces related, one being a not fully implemented
> > servlet spec in jetty.
> >
> > The plan however to my knowledge is that a 1.2.01 (sorry for the version
> > mixup) is pushed out rather sooner than later.
> >
> > The funny thing is, that I have a rather complicated implementation
> > which I was able to upgrade in no time, but that one was relying on
> > facelets, which seems to bypass a lot of the JEE stuff (el, jsp etc...)
> >
> > It is more the simple jsp stuff which seems to cause problems ;-)
> >
> >
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