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From "Nico.Collard" <>
Subject Problem with refreshing JSF forms
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 10:10:30 GMT


I have some problems with refreshing my forms. 

I'm using the tag <h:dataTable> to show the entries of my list in
<h:inputText> and <h:inputTextarea>-fields. The special situation is now,
that you may change the entries and save them.
In the backing-bean this functionality works fine - my list is really
updated and everytime in the right state. But the presentation is incorrect.
After saving the changes there are two dataTable-rows instead of one, both
with the same values.
So please help me - how can I refresh my presentation???

Here's the code of my update-jsp:

<h:dataTable value="#{backingBeanAction.myList}" var="myListEntry"
border="0" cellpadding="10">
		<h:outputLabel for="name" value="#{}" />
		<t:htmlTag value="br" />
		<h:inputTextarea id="name" value="#{}" rows="6" cols="35"
required="true" />
		<h:message for="name" style="color:red" />

		<t:htmlTag value="br" />
		<h:commandLink id="updateMyListEntry"
			<h:outputText value="#{messages.saveMyListEntry}" />
			<f:param id="updateId" name="id" value="#{}" />

Thanks a lot
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