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From Toppac <>
Subject Converter.getAsString not called?
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 20:53:21 GMT

Just for a small background. I am trying to find a way to fail validation
and/or conversion without dumping out of the JSF lifecycle to render
response. I'd like to inject a custom converter that when it fails to
convert it saves the submitted value to a session scoped Map and then during
render response, when it tries to render the component that failed
conversion, the getAsString method would see that the incoming value is null
and would go to the session map to grab the last submitted value.

Sounds easy enough and should work. But when I tried it, it appears that
during render response, if the value on the domain model is null (or if the
component value is null, not sure) it does not call the
converter.getAsString method. I am not sure why. If someone can tell me why
and where it makes this decision that would be great. If this is a bug then
great also. But if it is not a bug then can anyone suggest a way to do what
I am trying to do?
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