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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: JBoss Seam Usage?
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:15:04 GMT
Cagatay Civici schrieb:
> I'm not a seam user but I've done a kickstart app with Seam to see it's
> capabilities.
> Annotations seem to be used excessively, there're some criticism about
> annotation-abuse.
> My choice will be "MyFaces Orchestra" for conversation and orm related
> stuff:)
Well both frameworks have their merits
Orchestra is rather lightweight in its codebase, and given marios
latest patches, it is also very lightweight on the database (the number
of concurrent connections should not be much more than in a simple
request based szenario)

The downside is, currently no annotations at all, it might be
interesting to see it merged into spring bean annotations project, but I
dont know if it will happen (I notified the author of orchestras existence)

Seam is much much more, it tries to cover a lot of grounds not only the
conversation handling, and makes some assumptions for you.
Orchestra only currently tries to cover programmatic conversation handling
(well there are the dynaforms, but that is a sideproject of mario)

So both frameworks have their merits, Seam definitely is easier to use
if you need an all in one solution, orchestra definitely is worth a look
if you are on spring and just need one thing, conversations with orm

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