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From "Zarick Lau" <>
Subject [Trinidad] navigationPane and commandNavigationItem problem
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 03:01:18 GMT
Hi list,

I'm currently introducing Trinidad into our project. We are using
1.0.0-incubating with facelets-1.1.11.

I've defined a MenuModel following the example in trinidad-demo (eg using
the ModuleModelAdapter, DemoNavitationItem,
ViewIdPropertyMenuModel, and ChildPropertyTreeModel)

In the page, I've code like this:
<tr:navigationPane hint="tabs" var="menuItem"
    value="#{menuModel.model}" level="2">
  <f:facet name="nodeStamp">
        text="#{menuItem.label}" action="#{menuItem.getOutcome}"

With this, the method "menuItem.getOutcome" is never get called.
I've sure the MenuModel is in good condiation (NavigationTree can show me
the correct menu with
correct focus path).

I've try wrapping the document with tr:page / tr:panelPage.
I've also try with the 'immediate="true' in the commandNavigationItem.
But the situation never changed.

Is this kind of use (navigationPane + commandNavigationItem as nodeStamp)

Any advice or help are welcome!! Thanks very much!!!


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