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From "Zied Hamdi" <>
Subject Re: [tobago] the action of a popup button is not executed
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 07:19:27 GMT
Good morning Volker,

You were right (but I'm not surprised ;-) : removing defaultCommand=true
fixed the problem. I'm really a dummy in javascript, do you think it would
be a good idea to have a sort of key listener:

<tc:button* onKeys="\n|y|Y"* action="#{ctrl.doYesAction}"/>

or maybe

<tc:button action="#{ctrl.doYesAction}">
   *<tc:keyListener key="\n">*
  *<tc:keyListener key="y" ignoreCase="true>*

and visually react on the keys : \n, y or Y by clicking the button then
doing the action.

I don't know if there is a key binding mechanism so I'm maybe imagining how
the world would be nicer if we could invent the weel (if it's the case I
prefer to tell you it's not funny ;-).

Thanks for the hint on DebugPhaseListener : I can't no more do without it

UIPage prints the tree in the APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES phase, unfortunetly we
don't see applied values on each component, maybe because it must be done
before values are applied and eventual errors occur?. Anyway it's good to
know it's there, thanks for this hint too.

2007/6/19, Volker Weber <>:
> Hi again,
> just add the DebugPhaseListener and set log level to trace :-)
> and set loglevel of UIPage to trace to get the UIComponent tree logged.
> Regards,
>    Volker
> >
> > Note: for persons who are interested in getting this simple but useful
> class
> > I join it it is always better than calling System.out.println()...
> >

Zied Hamdi

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