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Subject Re: [Trinidad]Dialogs not modal in firefox
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 18:13:41 GMT
It appears that with firefox the modal setting (if that is what Trinidad 
is using) requires special privileges to take effect.

"Adam Winer" <> 
06/19/2007 11:54 AM
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"MyFaces Discussion" <>

"MyFaces Discussion" <>

Re: [Trinidad]Dialogs not modal in firefox

It's a bug with our Firefox JS - or, perhaps, something that just isn't
possible with Firefox?  I'd love any insight into how to make the dialogs
modal in Firefox.

-- Adam

On 6/19/07, <> wrote:
> It appears that dialogs work differently in IE and Firefox.  In IE they 
> modal.  In Firefox they are not.  Is there something I am missing? (I am
> using the JSF 1.2 branch)

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