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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: Leveraging other JSF open source libraries in MyFaces with new contribution projects?
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 17:10:59 GMT
Don't know about Seam, RichFaces, or A4J, but I know that integrated
support for facelets is already part of Tobago and Trinidad, and is
planned for the next version of Tomahawk (for which I recently saw
someone create a new branch) by leveraging the infrastructure that
Trinidad provides.

On 6/6/07, Andrew Robinson <> wrote:
> The more I use JSF, the more comfortable I get with some of the 3rd
> party open source libraries and the strengths and weaknesses of each.
> Until the JSF specification catches up with the common add-on
> technologies for JSF, the proverbial wheel is getting re-invented all
> the time (PPR, skinning, validation, JavaScript libraries, etc.).
> I find myself often using features from Facelets, MyFaces Tomahawk,
> MyFaces Sandbox, Seam framework and some of the components, A4J
> framework and components and a little of the RichFaces components
> (tree mainly) (and JDK 1.5 enhancements too).
> When I think about contributing new components and framework code to
> the open source community, I want to leverage combinations of these
> frameworks, and not have to re-invent the wheel. I'm never sure where
> to put this code, and for those projects that I decided to forward
> with I have put them with jsf-comp on sourceforge, but I'd rather have
> them with a larger community for better support.
> I'm wondering what the MyFaces and ASF teams would think about new
> projects under the MyFaces umbrella that leverage other libraries
> provided by JBoss. For example:
> - MyFaces+A4J
> - MyFaces+RichFaces
> - MyFaces+Seam
> - MyFaces+Facelets
> This would give open source developers, that find ASF easier to work
> with as an open source foundation, an opportunity to provide new
> components that extend the JBoss libraries without having to
> contribute to JBoss, a commercially owned company.
> What implications are there with this (Facelets vs. JBoss vs. apache
> licenses -- CDDL vs. LGPL vs. ApacheV2)?
> Is this something that MyFaces/ASF would be interested in, or is it
> recommended more that code that extends JBoss projects be part of the
> JBoss offerings?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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