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From "Jerome Iffrig \(Europe\)" <>
Subject RE: get a Spring bean in one of my AJAX component (e.g. inputSuggestAjax)
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 09:14:07 GMT
Thanks lots for your explaination and the snipet Cagatay, I'll get rid of jsf-spring... However
my issue here seems to be that in my specific case (the inputSuggestAjax component), the callback
method specified by the attribute suggestedItemsMethod of the tag must be a method with the
following prototype:-
public List getAListToFillSuggestions(String keyword) {



Note that the FacesContext is not an argument of this method, and I have no idea on how to
get an handle on it ...   any idea? I am stuck ...


From: Cagatay Civici [] 
Sent: mercredi 20 juin 2007 23:47
To: MyFaces Discussion
Subject: Re: get a Spring bean in one of my AJAX component (e.g. inputSuggestAjax)


Actually I prefer spring's builtin stuff for jsf integration and think of jsf-spring a bit
unnecessary dependency.

Anyway you can try spring's FacesContextUtils;

Use as;




On 6/21/07, Jérôme Iffrig <> wrote: 

	The following question may sound very specific and not really related to
	MyFaces, but it would help me answer a question I have troubles to formulate
	How can I access my Spring beans from the method defined as my 
	suggestedItemsMethod method in a "s:inputSuggestAjax" component?
	Note, if it helps, that I use jsf-spring as my glue between Spring and
	MyFaces. It works great, but not for such Ajax components...
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