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From Caroline Jen <>
Subject Transfer Object in JSF, Spring, and Hibernate
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 14:51:23 GMT
The application on which I am working deploys the
JavaServer Faces, Spring and Hibernate frameworks.

We are going to use the "transfer object" to move data
between J2EE tiers from the front end to the back end
and vice versa.  In addition, data "types" may need to
be converted --

At the front end, the "type" of the data that are
entered by users may not match that in the database
table.  For example, checkboxes may be marked or left
blank by users.  The "type" of the checkboxes is
"boolean" in the JSF backing bean.  However, we have
either "Y" or "N" for the corresponding field in the
database table.

The JSF backing bean holds data as well as controller
functionality.  Of course, the transfer object holds
data only.

With regard to class properties, Is the transfer
object an exact copy of the JSF backing bean?  And at
which tier the data are converted to match their
correspoding "types" in the database tables?

We also have the "data objects" which are exact
representation of database tables.

Thanks for your advices.

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