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From Bryan Basham <>
Subject Re: Creating a custom converter tag
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 21:29:05 GMT
kindsol wrote:
> Bryan,
> Can you send me what you are using for your .tld, taglib.xml, and 
> faces-config.xml entries for this custom converter tag?  I think those 
> are the only three files required to register a custom tag -- no?
> Thanks :)
> -Sol

Here is the entry for the TLD file:
            This tag specifies a converter for a generalized Boolean type.
                The type of names used to display the Boolean value.
                This is a symbolic name, such as 'STANDARD' or 'YES/NO'.
                These symbolic names are defined in code currently.
                TODO: make these names configurable and not hard-coded.

Here's the entry for the faces-config file:
            Converts a java.lang.Boolean object.

Do you still need the source code?  I could resend these files with a 
extension or group them in a ZIP file.  Let me know if you need these.


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