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From Shane Petroff <>
Subject Re: HtmlRendererUtils - There should always be a submitted value
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 04:59:18 GMT
Mike Kienenberger wrote:
> binding="#{reportCardBean.mainPanel}"
> What scope is reportCardBean?
> If the original component is lost, and you bind it to a new component
> (probably completely auto-generated, giving the _id* values that we
> saw before), then this would explain why the submitted form values can
> no longer be matched up to the newly-created component paths in C.
I'm a little confused by this. I was under the impression that one was 
supposed to use request scoped beans when binding to the UI, but you 
seem to be suggesting that this causes the problem.

In any case, to clarify the situation (I hope), I've included a link 
below which points to a zip file containing a stripped down project. 
I've deleted gobs of stuff from there so hopefully the remaining 
classes/files retain some cohesion to an external audience. The zip 
contains java, jsp and config files. In spite of the maven style 
directory structure, I haven't actually migrated yet, so dependencies 
could be a problem. (I'm assuming that most of you will already have 
everything, and including them in the zip would needlessly create a 
larger download). I've also included my Intellij IDEA project files in 
the off chance that someone else uses it. I've mocked out the data 
access layer (no comments on how awful the mocked code is), so it should 
be self contained. I've also included a single Selenium IDE test. It's 
not really a 'test' per se, rather it is a convenient way to navigate to 
the problem page without my having to describe it. Most of the paths 
through this stripped down version are broken, so letting Selenium 
handle the navigation seemed easiest. The test is in src\test\selenium.

I actually have 2 classes of problems I can't figure out. The first is 
the one outlined in this email's subject. If you navigate to the detail 
page via Selenium, then click on one of the other Student command links 
at the left, MyFaces will complain about no submitted values. 
Annoyingly, if you continue selecting different students, the problem 
partially self-corrects in that at least it complains about fewer 
cases... The other problem can be seen by editing 
and changing the second entry ViewAptitudes to true, then restarting 
Tomcat. This 'enables' some additional gui building code which somehow 
messes with navigating through students via the same command links. With 
the new UI, every *second* click of the student commandLink works. 
During the submits where nothing happens, the appropriate backing bean 
is created, but none of it's methods are called and the page refreshes. 
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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