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From Scott O'Bryan <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Portlet configuration
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 15:24:18 GMT
Hey Chris,

The bridge will work with ADFFaces, not Trinidad. The 11 Bridge 
from the latest release should be mostly feature complete. The reason 
for this is that the solution was done after ADFFaces was 
released so there was little effort in making it fully complete. Since 
the 11 bridge was built around the Trinidad work (and takes into account 
much of the issues that will be provided by 301) we were able to provide 
a relatively stable Proof of Concept.

Let me know if you have issues getting 11 to work and I'll help you our. 
It should be pretty straight forward though.


Innes, Chris wrote:
> Hi all,
> I understand there are a number of issues/limitations around 
> portletization and Trinidad and that these issues will be resolved 
> with JSR301. However, from what I’ve been reading it seems possible to 
> expose a Trinidad portlet at this time if one accepts these 
> limitations. I’ve been trying all sorts of combinations and cannot get 
> it too work. Can somebody please post a configuration, portlet.xml & 
> web.xml, of a Trinidad application exposed as a portlet that is 
> functioning and that I can try against my basic application.
> I am running against the Oracle webcenter preconfigured OC4J, as my 
> portlet container, that comes bundled with JDeveloper
> I am happy to use with the Oracle Portlet Faces Bridge or any other 
> bridge.
> Scott, I’ve noted entries about a proof-of-concept bridge based on the 
> Oracle portlet faces bridge, can you please provide us with more 
> information on that proof-of-concept?
> Thanks,
> Chris.

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