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From Chris Hane <>
Subject <tr:inputDate> and hour/minute oddity
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 21:20:13 GMT
When I select add an <tr:inputDate> tag with a converter that displays the 
hours/minutes also, the hours are not correct.  For example, in the demo 
inputDate.jspx, change the last inputDate to be:

    <tr:inputDate id="mdf5" value="2004/09/06" label="attached converter">
       <tr:convertDateTime secondaryPattern="d/M/yyyy hh:mm"
                           pattern="yyyy/M/d hh:mm" />

I added the "hh:mm" to the converter.  When you select a day in the current 
month, the time will default to the current time.  Select another day in 
the current month and the time stays the same.

Select a day in the past (say January) and the time increases by 1 hour. 
Select another day in January and the time increases again by 1 hour.

Is this a known issue?  Are there any workarounds?

Is there something else I should be looking at for this issue?

I'm running everything on my development box:
Windows XP
Jboss 4.0.x
Firefox 2.x
Java 1.5.x
MyFaces 1.latest
Facelets 1.11

My local machine timezone is EST.


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