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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: Why so many problems with MyFaces?
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 07:50:52 GMT
Simon Lessard schrieb:
> Hello,
> I think what Andrew meant is that since MyFaces is not backed by a
> corporation, people here are not paid to work on this project. Therefore
> they spend there own free time for the community's gain without any
> personal gain. Therefore, it's not very diplomatic to come on the list
> and speak to us like if we were some evil telemarketing people that sold
> you something for a high price and that does not seem to answer your
> need or that you do not understand properly, not that you should be
> impolite with telemarketing worker either anyway.
> As for documentation, I suggest you take a look at Java Server Faces
> (JSF) specification as it's what MyFaces implements.

I think the original poster is right, there still is a lack of
documentation (you can never have enough).
The main problem really is that there are not really too many people
here who can spend a full workweek on everything (is there even one)
while all people or most of them are employed myfaces is sort of a
sideproject for most people, many of us are bound by real world jobs
often not even having anything to do with JSF for long periods of time.

So it ends up with following problem, what do you do in the small time
you are able to dedicate to this project, write code or write
documentation. Hint we are all coders, so documentation always is a
second must (which often then lacks or is behind the things)

The sandbox is the classical example, around 60 % of the components
there are not yet promoted due to one thing, lack of documentation.

The Wiki is a classical helper to this situation because it has more up
to date information, and people also like to use it more than to send
xdoc patches...
I wonder if the xdoc format really is the one and only solution to the
entire documentation problem. Unfortunately we are not the only ones
with this problem, almost all oss projects which are not corporate
funded to some degree lack this problem and it is a problem with most
OSS projects! But the situation is not that bad, the original xdocs are
ok, the wiki has become a very good source regarding myfaces over the
last two years since it was seriously introduced and then there is
jsfcentral with a load of general information on all topics jsf.

The main documentation problem I see currently regarding JSF is on Suns
side, funnily. They really have to add some introductorial pages, most
of their end user documentation centers around their netbeans tools,
unfortunately, which hides a lot of under the hood stuff which you run
into once you move away from the toolchain. They should open a beginners
section like they did with java in the early days (one part of javas
success), they would have the manpower and the funds to do so.
Sun succeeds however in some areas, Jacob Hookoms docs regarding
Facelets and the links to the articles are the way things should be
generally for jsf on Suns site.

While they do an excellent work with their toolchain, and the jsf ri
generally, they have a huge gap in the docs area, I personally think it
is way worse than what the privately initated docs portal of Kito
(JSFCentral) and some wikis and oss projects which are basically non
funded combined provide.

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