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From "Madan Narra" <>
Subject [Tobago] Regarding renderedPartially in Sheet
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 11:49:18 GMT
Hi All,

I have a sheet which has an inputText in one of its column and a simple
<tc:out> in another columns.

I need to add a <f:facet name="change"> for all the inputText available in
the sheet.

Based upon the value change in one of the rows in text filed, i need to
update its corresponing <tc:out>

Say the id of the sheet is " search" , now the inputText filed has got "
page:search:0:text " and the panel around tc:out has
"page:search:0:outPanel" for the first row

<tc:column label="Text" id="text">
    <tc:in value="#{search.text}" id="p_quantity"
width="40" markup="number">
    <f:validateLength  maximum="4"/>
    <f:facet name="change">
       <tc:command action="#{search.status}">
           <tc:attribute name="renderedPartially" value="*
<tc:column label="Status" >
  <tc:panel id="outPanel">
    <tc:out value="#{search.statusText}"  markup="sheetTxt"/>

Was able to send the ajax request and update the panel in the first (0th)
row and show up the status.

But as you can see, i specifid the row number statically..which should not
be the case.

Based upon the value change in the text filed i need to get that value in
the controller and update that particular panel in the row.

How can this be achieved....

Thnx in Advance,


Madan N

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