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From "Anil" <>
Subject Issue with commandLlink and commandButton with popup.
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 00:51:47 GMT

I am using Myfaces 1.4, Facelets and Spring Webflow in my project. I have a
problem working with 'commandLink' and 'commandButton'.

In my Page, I have a 'link'(commandLink) and a 'button'(commandButton).

Desired behavior is that when I click on link, it should popup a window and
submit the form and keep target to opened popup. It is working fine.

The following is the code:

<input type="submit" jsfc="h:commandLink" tabIndex="1"
action="popupPageAction" target="testWindow" value="Link to My View"
onclick="openWindow();" immediate="true"/>

<script language="javascript">
	function openWindow() {
		var url = "";,'testWindow',"height=650,width=700,top=50,left=200,toolbar

for button, when I click on it, it should actually submits my form for
processing and shows the next page in the flow. It is also working fine. The
following is the code

<input type="submit" jsfc="h:commandButton" id="continueBtn" action="submit"
value="#{bundle.continue_label}"  tabIndex="2" onclick="onSubmit();return


Issue is when my page is rendered, if I click on button it is working as I
expected. But If I click on the link (which would open a popup) and after
that I click on this button, surprisingly it is opening the popup(instead of
processing the form and showing the next page).

Any ideas on why this is happening. I am not really sure whether this is
generic javascript issue or myfaces related issue. Please advice.

Thanks in advance.


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