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From "Adrian Mitev" <>
Subject Re: double click issue in Firefox...
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 21:12:36 GMT
To prevent the double submit you could use a server side solution like the
token synchronizer pattern implemented as a shale component called s:token
from shale-core lib that you can get from here [1] or to implement it
yourself [2]


2007/5/3, Jorge Vásquez <>:
>  Regards to all,
> During some testing I found that some unpredictable errors occur with
> Firefox whenever a user clicks twice rapidly either on a commandLink or on a
> commandButton.  What happens is that the respective method modifies some
> internal state the first time but then when it gets executed again it founds
> inconsistencies that cause an exception to be thrown.  Adding exception
> controls to each method for this very specific scenario would result
> terribly cumbersome, so I am writing to see if somebody out there has had a
> similar problem and how have you managed to solve it.  I played the other
> day for a while with JavaScript events but unfortunately those double click
> events are uncontrollable when there's also the presence of onclick events,
> since most of the time double clicks are also interpreted as simple clicks
> and that turns out to be a huge chaos.
> I also tested this behaviour in IE7 (for which I must say that at last
> Microsoft launched a descent browser) and there's no problem.  Apparently
> this browser blocks double clicks.
> Thanks in advance to anybody that could give me some advice…
> JV

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