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From is_maximum <>
Subject problem with selectManyPicklist of Sandbox
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 10:57:12 GMT

I have a problem with selectManyPicklist. I have a drop down list to select
a category and for each catgory there are some fields that user may select
the field to be displayed or not and this happens by a picklist

the problem is the value of selected fields that before use opted as
displayable field doesnt work properly

to clarify my problem consider following snippet:

   		<!-- select a category to list all fields inside that -->   
		<t:selectOneMenu  id="categoryList1" required="true" 
			<f:selectItems id="selectcategory"

		<h:commandButton id="loadButton" value="Load" class="button"

   		<h:outputText id="headerNameOutput" value="select columns:" />

   		<!-- the picklist to select displayable fields -->   
          <s:selectManyPicklist id="pickList" size="10" 
                        		value="#{userSetting.selectedItems}" >
		     <s:selectItems id="columnHeadersSelectItems"
value="#{userSetting.columns}" var="column" 
		   				  itemValue="#{}" itemLabel="#{column.label}" />

in <s:selectManyPicklist> as you can see the attribute value is set to
#{userSetting.selectedItems} and in the server-side this selectedItems type
is java.lang.List<String> and contains the values of selected items that
before selected by user. but  when user changes the category however this
selectedItems in server will change in valueChangeListener method but the
previous value still exists so in the new category selected it will shown
selected fields that is common with last category. 

the selectedItems never changes or if change it never being applied in the

have you ever had such problem? 
I appreciate any help or suggestion

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