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From "Rudi Steiner" <>
Subject Re: Standardcompliance of rendered markup
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 12:41:26 GMT
Hi Jeff,

testing again the current version bevor taliking about bugs is a great idea ;)

The problem for beginners like me is, that on the myFaces website is
described, that the fastest way to get a project up and running is to
take one of the example-apps (in my case the tiles-app) and take this
structure to start the own project. The problem is, that the sample
apps dont use the latest version 1.1.5 of myFaces but version 1.1.1.
If the sample apps would use the latest versions, the sample-apps
would be a big help for beginners to construct a new app.

One more question: As I'm using tiles, is it good practice to enclose
the <h:form/> - tag within the template, surrounding all the
placeholders and subviews. In this way, I wouldn't have to use a
second <form/> for all pages?

With my new, version 1.1.5-based application I found out, that the
<t:panelNavigation2/>-tag dosn't render a dummyForm if enclosed in a
<h:form/>-tag but the navigation just works, if there is one "regular"
link on the site (for example a <h:commandLink/>). If there is no
link, the navigation dosn't trigger the lifecycle on the server. Is
this a known problem?

Thank you in advance,

On 4/4/07, Jeff Bischoff <> wrote:
> I'm sorry I meant to say Rudi. ;)
> Jeff Bischoff wrote:
> > Ridu, what version of MyFaces and Tomahawk are you using?
> >

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