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From "prasanna poudel" <>
Subject Myfaces tree2 - strange problem with depth>44
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 13:52:48 GMT
Recently i came upon a strange behaviour using myfaces Tree2.

I have a tree2,a textfield

(required =true, id="code")

on my screen.

Iadd nodes to this tree (increasing depth), until i reach tree depth >44.

After this point: if i select ANY node with depth<44, things are fine.
BUT, if I select ANY node with depth>44, i get a validation error:

"code": Required  <-- comming from the textfield that was always there


 |--- Node with depth 1
             |-------Node with depth 2
                                      |-- Node with depth >44

Can anyone help me on how to avoid this? The same code, but validation error
occurs only for nodes with depth>44.


>> Note: I found that the ID generated is 130 chars wide for depth=44
148 chars for depth=53

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