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From "Vinay Konanki" <>
Subject [Tobago] How to create a table dynamically while exporting the excel
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 23:54:45 GMT
Hi All,

I have a link in the homepage, when i click on the link it has to generate
the excel sheet.

I'm successful in generating the excel by using following example provided
by the group:

So far i have tc:sheet in the jsp where im doing binding="controller.table"
and in controller im doing UIData = getTable();
This is getting the data from the tc:sheet
but now My question is how can i generate a UIData dynamically so that this
controller will generate excel sheet based on that data.( because i dont use
any table here in home page but i need to generate the excel report with the
list of products)

For Example:
I have a list of Product Objects which consists of different values like, prod1.value, prod1.qty......

So i need to create a table with this values.

I hope this can be achievable, Can any help me by giving code snippet,
I have no idea how to generate the table dynamically in the Controller.

Please help me out...


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