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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: how can i know which link has been clicked by user??
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 12:47:27 GMT
Use a datatable to iterate over a collection of items, inside it use the
commandLink with f:param (with EL in value) and  outputText for link
text (once again using EL to change value at each iteration).

En l'instant précis du 10/04/07 14:35, shree s'exprimait en ces termes:
> Exactly.thats true.
> but  I am asking how to achieve such functionality without using scriplet in
> the middle??
> is it possible with JSF or should i need to use simple java script or AJAX.
> JSF has a 6 phases lifecycle, JSP only has one phase. Your scriptlet
> will be evaluated only during the JSP execution. Be aware that JSF tags
> do evaluate their body only when creating the view. After that, JSF tags
> are not used anymore, the root JSF tag just handle the 'render' of child
> component, independent of the JSP content. That's why mixing JSF and
> JSTL or scriptlets is a bad thing.

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