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From Jonathan Harley <>
Subject Re: [OT] Trinidad Release (was Re: [Announce] Release of Apache Trinidad Podling's 1.0.0-incubating)
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 16:00:27 GMT
Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
>> It's great that Trinidad has reached a 1.0 release! Just curious,
>> but hasn't it been in incubation for nearly two years? When MyFaces
>> moved to Apache I don't remember incubation as more than a couple
>> of months. What's the difference?
> it was voted in by Inc. PMC around March 06.
> Initial commit was in May 06.
> Personally I think it's good to have the process taking a year.
> The new podling needs to learn ASF -style open source.

It wasn't a criticism, I think it's a strength of open source
that things can take as long as they need to take instead of
rushing out for some sales deadline. I was just wondering why
it's taken so long really. Oracle announced they were open-
sourcing ADF Faces at Java One in June 2005, I assumed it went
to Apache soon after that, I wonder why that took 9 months...

>> Getting back on topic, it's now a year since the JSF1.2 standard
>> went to final ballot, can anyone comment on when MyFaces will
>> support it?
> soon... we are working harder on that now; got help from Geronimo.
> Not allowed to tell you the % of passed tests, but hasn't passed 100% 
> yet ;-)
> soon.... it will.


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