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From John Singleton <>
Subject Re: Back button pressed whilst loading
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 08:33:04 GMT
Server side. I haven't tried client side but we store some quite large objects in the session.


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From: Mike Kienenberger <>
To: MyFaces Discussion <>
Sent: Friday, 20 April, 2007 4:28:01 PM
Subject: Re: Back button pressed whilst loading

Are you using client-side or server-side state saving?

On 4/20/07, John Singleton <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an issue with the back button in my faces + facelets app. The app has a multi
page form, back by a collection of beans. If the user clicks back to go to a previous page
then the values are submitted correctly.
> However, if the user clicks back whilst the page is loading, and then submits the form,
the values in the form are applied to the beans for the form the browser would have gone to
had the page load not been interrupted by the back button.
> For example in the page flow:
> Page 1 -> Page 2 -INTERRUPT-> Page3
> After the interrupt the user is left at page 1 again, but the values entered end up in
the beans for Page 3.
> All I've thought of so far to prevent this is to put a sequence number in a hidden form
field, and to check that when the form is submitted. If the form is submitted out of sequence
it can be detected and I can present an error to the user. The downside is that I really only
want to stop the user from using the back button when interrupting page loads, and I can't
easily detect that.
> Has anybody else come across this issue? And if so have they fixed it?
> Thanks
> John
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