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From Sly_cardinal <>
Subject Re: Redirection problem after login
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 00:34:39 GMT

Sly_cardinal wrote:
> ...
> Simple example of what is happening:
> - User logs in, navigates to page1.
> - Session is lost (either timeout or server restart).
> - User attempts to navigate to page2.
> - Tomcat redirects to login page; user logs in.
> -- At this point Tomcat should process the previous request and navigate
> to page2; instead it returns to page1.
> faces-config.xml:
> <navigation-rule>
>         <navigation-case>
>             <from-outcome>go_agent_list</from-outcome>
>             <to-view-id>/agent/agentList.jsp</to-view-id>
>         </navigation-case>
>         ...
> </navigation-rule>
> In JSP page:
> <t:commandNavigation2 value="Agent List" action="go_agent_list" />

We've done some logging and have found that the NavigationHandler does not
receive any navigation action after the user logs in from an invalid
session. We believe that the following events occur:

1. User logs in, navigates to a page.
2. Session is invalidated (e.g. server is restarted or session times out).
3. User attempts to navigate to another secure page:
- Page attempts to post navigation request to itself.
- Session is invalid, requires login, cannot post navigation request.
- User redirected to login page.
- User logs in.
- Server returns to page that initiated the request; navigation request does
not exist, server does not redirect.

Is this something we will have to live with by using the NavigationHandler
or can someone suggest an alternative navigation implementation we could use
when the user is required to login prior to handling navigation?


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