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From (Gary VanMatre)
Subject RE: Re: New to MyFaces
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 15:52:46 GMT
>From: "Iordanov, Borislav (GIC)" <> 
> I think the existence of facelets, the motivation behind it, show JSF's 
> failure to deliver on its promise (after so many years!). I haven't 
> looked into Facelets, not that I'm afraid to learn some new "view 
> technology". I just don't want to impose this "bug fix" to people that 
> have already invested time in learning and using JSP pages, with custom 
> tag libraries developed etc (is Facelets backwards compatible with JSP? 
> probably not). 

I disagree with this statement.  I believe that it says just the opposite.  It would have
been very easy for the first draft of the JSF specification to be completely focused on a
single templating solution (JSP).  What I find interesting is that the focus was on building
an API that was extensible and not targeted at a specific template technology.

I don't think that JSP will go anywhere anytime soon.  The JSF/JSP support is much better
in JSF 1.2.  However, hopefully the work done with Facelets and Shale Clay (see how I got
a plug in there) will open the doors for more than one method of creating JSF view's.  I'd
like to see an option that completly insulates the developer from markup.  A design mode that
would be like the rich tools for creating fat GUI's with all kinds of reuse through composition
options and visual form inheritance.  At that point, the ability to plugin multiple render
kits would be really handy.


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> From: news [] On Behalf Of Werner Punz 
> Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 4:36 AM 
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> Subject: Re: New to MyFaces 
> Iordanov, Borislav (GIC) schrieb: 
> > I'm not sure what "statistics" you are looking for. I haven't done an 
> > industry analysis. But in general, JSF is heavyweight machinery 
> without 
> > any substantial benefit. Simple things are complicated and complicated 
> > things impossible. It was obviously designed by (probably smart, Java 
> > knowledgeable) people that have no serious experience with web 
> > development. A well-known example is that it still doesn't work well 
> > with JSP (a technology for which JSF was designed from the start!) and 
> > it probably never will. 
> > 
> > 
> JSF 1.2 does (myfaces soon will have jsf 1.2 level) 
> and facelets basically do what jsp does. You basically 
> speak about the mixin problems of html and jsf (verbatim tags) 
> this problem is gone in the jsf 1.2 spec, and in facelets, facelets also 
> eliminates problems introduced by jsp... 
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