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From Werner Punz <>
Subject tomahawk inputdate fixed
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 22:15:10 GMT
Ok guys
as promised,I tried to fix the input date control
once and for all
I basically did a preliminary port of the dojo
positioning calculation into tomahawk, to avoid back dependencies.

Now, I do not want to commit this before it has some testing

I opened a download location with the build I was working on

This is my private machine, so please do not hammer it, the
connection really is that slow!

there you can find a war file, which containes the current tomahawk with
the date control fix, give this stuff a testrun (I cannot test on IE
here, it
works on khtml so far pretty well and on mozilla as well,
which is a good sign)

especially in css conditions the more complicated the better....

Btw. if anyone is interested into css positioning calculation in dhtml,
all I can say is, dont, there are better ways to spend an entire life
for! ;-)

Anyway if all goes well then a commit will follow the next days,
but I need you guys for testing.

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