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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: [Solved] inputCalendar position when using renderAsPopup=true
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 12:01:25 GMT
Strittmatter, Stephan schrieb:
> Okay, I see. I know these weekends and wifes asking why you are again at
Actually less wife, more along the lines of total burnout,
and parents having reached a certain age and needed a helping hand.

> your laptop ;-)
> I can life with this intermediate solution of using the jenia component,
> but I will looking forward to your fixes. If I can support you by
> testing, 
> feel free to mail me your version. I use following Environment:
> * Liferay 4.1.3
> * MyFaces 1.1.5 + Tomahawk 1.1.5-Snaphot
> * IE 5.5
> * FF 2.0.1
> BTW, the jenia component has also a small problem of layouting, when the
> calendar is placed right aligned to the window, the popup is not visible
> if it pops up. It is not moved to the visible area in this case.

Hehe positioning bug, btw. css position calculation is really difficult
especially if you go from one component down the tree to try to
calculate the absolute position. The standard solutions to be found on
the web (go up the offset tree, remove all scroller positions)
simply fail once css comes into play, even worse, once css positioning
is in there as well you run into the usual browser bugs.

Workin with position relativ opens another can of worms.
One reason why I am going to opt for the dojo positional code,
there is so much brainwork already being done in there
(adding border withs into calculations dealing with browser bugs etc)
I do not see any reason of trying to reinvent the wheel here.

standard mouse based popups funnly do not have all those issues, because
there you can work straight from the mouse position, which you cannot do
from control based popups.

just my 2c regarding this issue.

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