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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: tiles in myfaces1.1.4 doesn't work
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 14:15:48 GMT
James Gardener schrieb:
> Hi Simon,
> Thank you so much for telling me this.  That is why I hardly found any
> support on tiles with myfaces on line.  I will start to look at the
> facelets you suggested.  Do you know any good websites for facelets?
> Thanks,
> James

Yes tiles is somewhat a dated issue, most people indeed have moved over
to facelets, or at least many. Tiles and jsf is somewhat rough.

got starting points:

and follow the documentation links.

Facelets is way less problematic and easier to use than tiles, but there
is one downside, it relies on an additional component definition xml,
there is to my knowledge no full coverage of
tomahawk and the sandbox, but you can get the defs for most components
in the myfaces wiki and on

(you have to add a little bit from jsf-comp for certain components

but once you have everything in place they are a joy to use.

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