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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: how do you pass/set parameters upon ActionListener execution?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 10:39:57 GMT
I had similar usescases (although not using internationalisation)
in my current up a dozend times, the mechanism itself works,
I can only guess here,
first of all which myfaces version do you use and which tomahawk version.
I can recommend to go to the latest 1.1.5 stable and use the tomahawk
and sandbox nightlies.
Secondly check for typos nav.msg.remiders seems like one
there is an "n" missing in reminders typowise, which could
be the cause for an empty string issued.


Madhav Bhargava schrieb:
> Hi Werner,
> Yes, you are right. But I still cannot get the values in my backing bean.
> *Jsp code:*
> <t:commandLink value="Add Reminders" styleClass="linkClass"
> action="#{reminderController.showAddReminderScreen}"
> actionListener="#{breadCrumbNavigatorBean.updateBreadCrumb}"
> rendered="#{!physicianHomeController.showRemindersMoreLink}">
> <t:updateActionListener
> property="#{breadCrumbNavigatorBean.participant.displayText}"
> value="#{msg['nav.msg.remiders']}"/>
> </t:commandLink>

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