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From "Joe Reger, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Flow from backing bean to page while also initializing second backing bean?
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:08:38 GMT
>> you don't need a backing bean per page, if page1 and page2 share same
datas, why not use the same backing bean for both?

I understand.  They don't necessarily share the same data.  They're
dependent on some common data but perform separate functions.  The use case
I'm describing shouldn't be that abnormal.

>> no-arguments constructor is indeed part of the definition of the bean
concept :). If your bean are session scoped, they must be moreover
serializable. A class can only be serializable if it has a no argument

I understand.  So how does JSF allow me to initialize my beans with custom
logic (call database, etc) when I am sending a user from page1.xhtml to
page2.xhtml after calling a method on (which must return a

>> Let JSF do the initialization stuff itself based on bean definitions made
in faces-config.xml.

This doesn't allow me to specify a method call on to run my
custom initialization logic.  Yes, on page2.xhtml I would be able to access
properties from but this isn't what I'm looking for.  I need to
load other stuff in page2.xhtml based on data from page1.xhtml.

>> A form can combine several beans or a bean can be used by
several forms.

Agreed.  And have used this numerous times in the app.  But in a few
situations it makes more sense to have separate beans.  I'm surprised that
there's no way to call custom initializers. In EJB there's a @PostConstruct
annotation that calls custom logic after the bean manager creates the bean.

Thanks for the ideas and help.  Based on what you're saying it sounds like
there's no way to do what I'm looking to do?



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