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From "Jörn Zaefferer" <>
Subject Re: Tomahawk release plans?
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:52:20 GMT
Absolutely! The JSF API itself isn't enough to write components without
duplicating tons of code. You either do duplication, or depend on a
particular implementation of the API.

And this isn't just a problem with JSF alone. I wanted to replace the
default month renderer on tomahawks schedule component. I've now ended by
extending Renderer directly, I can't even reuse a single line of the
AbstractWhateverScheduleRenderers. Instead I have to duplicate parts of them
in my own renderer.

About the three classes: When I want to quickly create my own component for
handle a particular problem, I need only the component class itself and my
facelets taglib. The component can do the rendering.

Once I'd have those components ready to publish to a greater audience I
wouldn't mind writing renderer and tag classes.

On 3/15/07, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> Jeff Bischoff schrieb:
> > I agree, it would be great if that were part of the distro. Problem is,
> > Facelets still isn't officially supported by Tomahawk, and thus
> > developers don't have to ensure their components will work in Facelets,
> > let alone provide the configuration and handler classes. Seems like a
> > huge number of the userbase is already using or migrating to Facelets,
> > though, so I would expect to see Facelet support improve over time. This
> > is, of course, a community project!
> >
> Getting away from the discussion itself...
> Actually having facelets in would be a great welcome for the component
> devs too, I have been playing around with the thought of having parts
> of the stuff I am doing being moved into the facelets domain, sort of
> like a tomahawk facelets.
> Problem is I cannot do it in the borders of the Tomahawk project
> currently because those components would only work with facelets.
> (There was a discussion in the myfaces list a while ago)
> I will give a description of the core problem.
> Simple JSF control == 3 classes (one tag class, one component class, one
> renderer clasS)
> two xml file entries
> each class is 100 locs code min and the renderer uses
> a crude servlet like outputwriter api to the worst.
> 90% of this code normally is just glue code.
> 90% of most of this code probably could be replaced by simply facelet
> tags and only specialized stuff would have to be coded in the component
> api itself.
> The component api probably is the biggest problem JSF has in my opinion
> and it prevents a lot of people jumping onto the ship.
> Facelets would be an easy entry point to add new components.
> Heck everything which makes things easier and helps people to ease
> coding is welcome, it does not have to be facelets.

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