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From Shane Petroff <>
Subject OT: Contractor
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 21:03:15 GMT
 Apologies up front for the off topic post.

Do any of you guys do any moonlighting? I need to write a small CRUD 
module but won't have any time to spend on it for some months. I was 
thinking that I could get the job knocked off, and get a handle on some 
best practices by farming it out to someone with more JSF/MyFaces 
experience than I have. The app itself would be tiny - move data in and 
out of 4 rdb tables (schema and representative data provided of course). 
With functionality no more complex than a simple Master-Detail screen 
and basic validation. I would handle all maintenance and hopefully adapt 
or adopt the structure of the resulting code into my own work (a big 
part of my problem is that I work alone, so I don't have a good handle 
on other people's standard practices).

If you're at all interested in the work, drop me a line privately.



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