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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject [Myfaces] cloned beans
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 11:00:32 GMT
Hi, I apologize for this topic non being strictly Myfaces-bound, but I 
think this mailgroup is very active on JSF in general, thus maybe 
someone can help.
I use a very dynamic component-oriented architecture, from a mixup of 
Facelets, Tomahawk and Trinidad.
Components are defined as <ui:component> and included in a page from 
request to request by means of<ui:include> tags (a placeholder).
An internal navigation system leads from component to component within 
the *same* page. Rules can be user defined at runtime.
An unpleasant side effect comes from the chance that the same component 
might appear multiple times on the same page, but unfortunately the 
associated managed bean (always request scoped) can exist only once, 
since it's a one-to-one association between a bean name and a java instance.
Is anybody able to suggest alternative ways to the obvious solution of 
statically cloning the same bean by naming it multiple times in a 
faces-config like file ?
Or is there any way to clone beans at runtime, giving them a dynamic 
name but still getting managed properties loaded ?
In my case component bean names are never statically included in 
facelets, since they always appear there as "bean", where actual bean is 
achieved from another bean property and passed through <ui:param>.
Thanks for any suggestion -- Renzo

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