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From "H. Swaczinna" <>
Subject RE: [ Tobago ] defaultCommand in <tc:link>
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 13:50:03 GMT
<head></head><body>Hi Madan,<br><br>you can try to define a custom
markup for the button which hides the border.<br><br>Regards<br>Helmut<br><br><br><br><table
width="100%"><tbody><tr><td bgcolor="blue" width="5">&nbsp;</td><td><style
type="text/css"></style><div><div>Hi All,<br><br>I have a
link which is shown with an image.<br><br>If at all i use a button for the action,
i used ' defaultCommand ' attribute to achieve my task if i press enter.<br><br>But
now as i am using link, i was not able&nbsp; to complete the action when i press enter.<br><br>I
need to show an image in the form, but when used image in &lt;tc:button&gt; was getting
a border which looks bad. <br><br>Is there any means to achieve the defaultCommand
action to a link ?<br><br>Regards,<br>Madan<br></div></div><br>

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