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From (Gary VanMatre)
Subject Re: Possible "bug" in <t:inputHidden> tag/component?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 16:11:18 GMT
>From: Christian Kaltepoth <> 
> Hi Eivind, 
> > Suddenly all my commandLinks and commandButtons didn't work anymore, I 
> > could press them and the form would submit (causing a reload of the page), 
> > but no actions would be fired, and the updateActionListeners stopped 
> > working as well. 
> Did you use the tag in your page to display potential validation 
> errors? Perhaps some validation error occurred that is not displayed. This 
> would cause your action method and the listeners to be ignored because of the 
> failure in the validation phase. 

Another possibility is that the data bound to your dataTable is not is session scope (value
attribute).  The dataTable only creates components to represent one row (flyweight pattern).
 The model underneath is enumerated on the postback and the decode is invoked on each row.
 If there are not any rows to process, the commandComponents within the dataTable will not


> Kind regards 
> Christian 
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> Christian Kaltepoth 
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> Fingerprint: 9F04 0A94 CC40 C3EF 1A69 B2BB 51F4 4C84 BEB6 F127 
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