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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: dojo not working after moving jsf pages to subdirectory under webapp
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 23:59:30 GMT
Dennis Ryan schrieb:
> I'm using the tomahawk dojoinitializer and it works fine if the jsf page
> I'm rendering is in the root of the webapp. In an effort to clean up my
> webapp I moved all the jsf pages except index.jsp to a subdirectory
> /pages in the webapp. This unfortunately has now broken the dojo
> components. I'm using ComboBox and Select and they look fine, meaning
> they are getting the look and feel of dojo components (the blue
> pull-down arrows) but they are not calling out to the server to get the
> data that fills them anymore. I have the dojo debug console up but
> nothing important shows...I'm using on the Select component
> and I'm using the dataUrl attribute on the ComboBox...
> Any ideas why moving the jsf pages to a sub-directory has caused this??
The only thing I could probably figure out is that you might
have hardcoded some calling paths or have
some calling paths relative of your uri in your code.
As you said dojo works fine (you get everything shown)
and the examples we use also are triggered from subdirs.

I really would look along a broken callback path.

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