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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: saveState will cause memory leak?
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 09:54:27 GMT
Dellee schrieb:
> thanks for ur reply. 
> in fact i experience a memory leakage problem when i keep clicking and
> refreshing a list.
> stuff in the list will be stored in cache by the saveState option.
> after i click to refresh that list for serveral times, the app hanged w/
> outofmemory exception. 
> I wonder if the cached list objects cannot be completely remove and GC in
> the next cycle. 
> any idea on what's happening?

If you have server side state saving turned on,
you will have a history saved (most likely in your session) which is
rolled back in case
of a back button case, this is done due to the fact
that the back button needs to perform consistently on the client and server.

I do not think this is a memory leak, but you simply run into an out of
memory condition, due to the back button history saving the list
10-15 times depending on your settings

you can alter the state history settings by a simple parameter in the
config files(I do not know it yet, please others jump in here)

also check if the problem is gone via client side state saving
if yes, then it is probably the back button history in combination
with server side state saving.

You can avoid this situation by disabling the state history, or by
reducing it, or by increasing your servers ram.

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