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From "Todd Nine" <>
Subject Using t:columns in a static row table
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 18:05:50 GMT
Hi all,
  I'm trying to write a search results page in JSF.  I have everything done
except the paging commands, and I'm a bit stuck on this part.  I would like
to use t:columns to display the page numbers and commandLinks.  Is it
possible to use t:columns without needing an empty array for the
h:dataTable?  In other words, I need my output to be

     <td>element 0</td><td>element 2</td> etc...

However I have no need for more rows that an single row.  Is there a better
way to do this and the following?

    </h:dataTable> <h:dataTable var="foo" value="#{searchBean.singleElement
                <t:columns var="page" value="#{searchBean.searchPages}">
                    <h:outputText value="#{page.displayNumber


where swearchBean.singleElement contains a single Index of searchPages?


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