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From "Michael Heinen" <>
Subject session scoped Bean created twice!
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 13:07:10 GMT
One of my session scoped beans is created two times.


I call an ajax actionListener (a4j:commandlink) via JS when the user
resizes the browser window.

The onresize event of the documentBody is fired multiple times during

Therefore my actionListener is also called multiple times which is not a
problem because I just reset some values and don't refresh anything on
the screen.


But during debugging I noticed, that the session scoped bean of the
ActionListener is initialized twice with two different object ids.

The ActionListeners are called for both instances of the Bean!!!

What's the reason for that ?


When I resize the browser window a second time after the first resizing

then the ActionListener of the second created bean is executed only.


I use:

MyFacesCore 1.1.4 

tomahawk snapshot 1.1.4 

a4j 1.0.6


Any help is appreciated




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