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From "Volker Weber" <>
Subject Re: [Tobago] Ajax Frameworks With Tobago.
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 10:20:50 GMT
Hi Varma,

i have no experience with 'thirdparty AJAX frameworks', but i don't
think they work with tobago.

But you can do this with the tobago internal ajax partial reload feature.

put the second tc:selectOneChoice into a tc:panel with defined
clientId ( this means you set a id to this panel and to all
surrounding namingContainer components).

add a 'change' facet to the first tc:selectOneChoice with a action to
change the options for the second one, and a renderedPartially
attribute to update.

--- jsf ------------------------
<tc:page id="page">
<tc:selectOneChoice ...>
  <f:selectItems .../>
  <f:facet name="change">
    <tc:command action="#{bean.selectOptions}">
      <tc:attribute name="renderedPartially" value=":page:panel"/>

<tc:panel id="panel">
  <tc:selectOneChoice ...>
    <f:selectItems value="#{bean.items2}"/>
--- /jsf ------------------------

the action method "public String selectOptions() {...}" should update the
selectItems in items2 property.
And MUST return null, because you don't want to navigate to anohter view.


2007/2/12, Varma Dendukuri <>:
> Hi All,
> I have a usecase where i need to dynamically change the values(Options) of a
> ListBox [<tc:selectOneChoice>] based on a value selected in another ListBox
> or based on the value entered in a textbox[<tc:in>]. At present i have
> achieved this using changeEventListener in which the form is submitted to
> the server. But i dont want to go to server to get the values. Wanna do that
> using AJAX.
> So is there a way that we can achieve this with the thirdparty AJAX
> frameworks like YUI, ScriptAculoUs, ProtoType etc.
> It would be great if someone can provide any kinda examples ?
> Thanks in Advance.
> Regards,
> Varma

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