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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: MYFACES-1545 / MYFACES-1532
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 20:04:00 GMT
On 2/27/07, Paul Iov <> wrote:
> Some other question to Mike. You have just closed MYFACES-1545. I think,
> it's something very similar to MYFACES-1532, I've created 13.02.2007. I
> have asked about this in both of DEV and USERS lists, but nobody has
> answered, so I'm still not sure, whether it's really a bug, or just a
> feature. (There are some other related issues too, however they aren't
> linked to this one.)  Would you please confirm this or close 1532 too?

Paul, please use a new thread when asking unrelated questions.

I closed MYFACES-1545 for the reasons listed in the issue, after
searching the mailing lists for relevent posts by the reporter.  There
were none.  Custom converters on UISelectOne items are quite common,
and I've yet to have an issue with them.

It sounds like there could be a bug in h:selectBooleanCheckbox that
causes the problem you described in MYFACES-1532.   I've never used a
converter on this component, and it could very well be as you
described, so I'm going to leave that open, especially since you
provided example code.   I vaguely recall issues with the
convertBoolean converter in the sandbox in the distant past, so it
wouldn't be at all surprising.

Again, though, you  have an unrelated second issue described in the
same issue.   I'd recommend voiding that part and opening another
issue (although if it's a spec issue, it'll just be closed out of hand
as those are outside of the scope of MyFaces to handle).

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