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From Paul Iov <>
Subject Re: Issue with the t:dataScroller
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 15:59:44 GMT
Hello Mike,

what do you mean with 'placeholder for a better solution'? I think, the 
right way to solve this problem should be to improve the dataTable, i.e. 
with 'autoreset' property without needing to track any events in other 
components. This property cann be then false by default for backward 
compatibility (hovever, I can't imaginate any usecase for this behaviour)
Any other solution will be IMHO some kind of workaround :)


Mike Kienenberger schrieb:
> Includes the problem, the workaround, and a placeholder for a better
> solution :-)
> On 2/27/07, Paul Iov <> wrote:
>>  It should be a dataTable issue. To workaround this, you must 
>> 'rewind' it
>> manually with dataTable.setFirst(0); if some data was changed. You 
>> can do
>> this in bean, that performs searching .
>>  2 Adrian Mitev:
>>  Have you any informations on this dataTable issue? I've faced out, that
>> it's totally unflexible to fix the problem such way. I'm thinking about
>> storing of 'last' record count in session or component state directly in
>> Scroller. The dataTable then cann be 'refreshed' automaticly, if record
>> count has changed since last rendering :)
>>  regards,
>>  paul
>>  Beelen, Marco schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> In my application  use a dataScroller on a t:dataTable for pagination 
>> and
>> I'm happy with it's basic behaviour.
>>  But there is some case in which it doesn't act like I want it to and 
>> I hope
>> that somebody can provided some infomation how to get around that.
>> Here what I'm doing:
>> I'm have a single page on which I have a form, in which the user can
>> provided several search-criteria. After the user submit the form by 
>> pressing
>> the search-button, the managed-bean retrieves a list of objects 
>> matching the
>> criteria and hands that list over to another managed-bean, which is 
>> being
>> referenced by the dataTable on the same page.
>> ( Both beans are defined to be in the session-scope. )
>>  If the user scrolls to the end of the resulsset using the 
>> datascroller ( eq
>> page 6 of 6 ) and then alters his search-criteria in such a way that 
>> less
>> results are returned, that an empty list will be rendered and the 
>> message
>> will be something like:
>> Displaying page 6 of 3.
>> I was wondering how I can make the datascoller be resetted on each new
>> search-action?
>> Any suggestions?
>> With kind regards,
>>    Marco
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