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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: Problem with missing CSS classes for subtags
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 19:41:31 GMT
Bogdan Mocanu wrote:
> <table>
> <tr class="yearMonthHeader">
>   <td><a href=...>...</a></td>
>   <td><a href=...>...</a></td>
>   <td><a href=...>...</a></td>
> </tr>

> my project. On my JSP page I
> have a CSS class which defines a style specific for the <td> element. 
> This completely brokes my layout

How about:

.yearMonthHeader * {

I believe this will override the rule with selector "td" only (though I 
would have to check the selector priority rules to be sure).

Possibly this change could be made to the master calendar stylesheet 
embedded in tomahawk...

> In my opinion this is a bug of Tomahawk, since it should label all the 
> tags with CSS classes. A simple
> solution to this would consist of making all the subtags (like the <td> 
> one) declare the class of their
> parent tag (the <tr> one in our example) if they don’t have a special 
> class specified.

But that would make the page significantly larger to solve a problem 
that most people don't have. I'd not be very keen on that.

> Another solution would be to add some new attributes, that will allow 
> the customization of the tags
> that don’t have already an attribute for this. Then the user would be 
> able to specify the class for the row,
> as well as the class for the inner cells. In my opinion this second 
> solution is better than the first one.

It certainly has less negative effect for people who don't have your issue.



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