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From Veit Guna <>
Subject Re: [Solved] GraphicImage Question
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 16:44:04 GMT
Did I miss something? You're talking about an webapp right? That means,
a user from location A calls your application at location B (A and B are
on different machines). So when the user uploads the image, it will be
stored on B, right? So you (browser on A)can't access that file through
an absolute (local) path! I think "value" takes an URL that the browser
has to resolve. When this is C: it can't be reached on the server - it
will try to find it on the local (A) machine. Just look into the source
of your page, it will point to something like "C:...". It should be
something like "http://youtserver/webapp/file" or "/webapp/file".

But maybe I didn't get you right...


m1380103 schrieb:
> See that's why my problem came about.
> I wanted to save on the local folder thinking it would be simple to use
> graphicimage with either c:\\images\\uniqueId or c:\images or c:/images but
> I haven't found any way to work yet.  I think it might be helped if I pass
> the image directory location from the java class.  The strange thing I
> noticed from the page source after JSF had rendered was that the windows \
> was not shown in the source.  That's why I thought it might be related to
> the graphicImage tag's use of the \ symbol, even when \\ was used.
> I can't seem to find an example anywhere online where the tag is used to
> read from outside the deployment directory, maybe the original idea for
> writing a renderer so the directory for the images can be set is the only
> way to go about this.
> MichaƂ  wrote:
>> Perhaps:
>> <graphicImage value="C:\\images\\uniqueId">
>> ?
>> michael
>> On 22/02/07, m1380103 <> wrote:
>>> Thanks for the quick reply,
>>> I have spent some time looking over the JSF examples, including the
>>> sandboxes graphicDynamicImage.  My problem really lies in displaying an
>>> image from outside the deployment directory.  There is no dynamic action
>>> needed in my application so I thought the standard graphicImage would do,
>>> just not sure why my <graphicImage value="C:\images\uniqueId"> wouldn't
>>> work.
>>> I will look into extending the imagerenderer to read images from a
>>> directory
>>> on the hard drive, though if anyone knows a simple example of using the
>>> graphicImage and reading from a standard windows folder, the help would
>>> be
>>> much appreciated.
>>> Thanks
>>> Michael.
>>> Veit Guna-2 wrote:
>>>> Hi.
>>>> Take a look at the sandbox graphicDynamicImage. There you can write
>>> your
>>>> own ImageRenderer and you're free where you read the images from.
>>>> In my webapp uploaded files go to a separate directory outside the
>>>> deployment directory of tomcat. The ImageRenderer reads files from
>>> there
>>>> and displays them to the user.
>>>> Perhaps it helps.
>>>> regards,
>>>> Veit
>>>> m1380103 schrieb:
>>>>> Basically I'm building an ecommerce site using MyFaces.  I have over
>>>>> years
>>>>> experience with it, though I've come across a problem I have never
>>>>> encountered before.
>>>>> For this site the user can upload images of the item they are selling.
>>>>> Except I am having some problems with storing this and displaying the
>>>>> info
>>>>> on screen.  I was going to save the image to a location locally
>>>>> ("C:\images\uniqueId") and display this with <h:graphicImage> but
>>> does
>>>>> seem to like reading from this location.  I am running on a windows
>>>>> machine
>>>>> but noticed when supplying the string for the location of an icon
>>> saved
>>>>> within the application the directory would be /Deploy Name/image.
>>>>> How can I use the graphicImage tag to read from outside it's JBoss
>>>>> deployment?  Or would it be better saving somewhere else when a user
>>>>> uploads
>>>>> an image?
>>>>> Any help would be much appreciated as I have no experience with
>>> uploading
>>>>> and saving of images on this form of web application.  I would prefer
>>> to
>>>>> save a link in the database and display this way if possible.
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Michael.
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